Thursday, October 08, 2009

Evolution Versus Intelligent Design.

In this interesting conversation, Richard Dawkins, the celebrated Oxford University Professor and evolutionary biologist takes on Wendy Wright, a noted creationist. You will see that Wendy's concern is not with "accepting" evolution as a fact, but with its repercussions on the society. She fears (and rightly so) that a society based on Darwinian principles will not be based on love, care and mutual respect. But would you let such a fear blind you from the truth? or would you find God's design in evolution and use it to build the society that you dream of ? I am certain that the Catholic church would some day embrace Darwin (remember Galileo ??) and would come to the conclusion that it was God who put evolution to work. :-).

I am not an atheist and have my personal beliefs about God and religion. But I firmly believe that we should ask questions, search for answers and above all show the courage to walk down the path that science throws light on. Some day when we humans (if we haven't destroyed ourselves already) master inter-galactic and inter- dimensional travel, colonize galaxies billions of light years away, overcome death and become immortal, people would laugh at the days when life began on a tiny little planet called "The Earth" which revolved around a small star called "The Sun" and where the "early men" argued over evolution and intelligent design.


At 10:27 PM, Blogger Manoj Govindan said...

Funny how far more potentially dangerous scientific knowledge - atomic theory, for instance - has not inspired any fear about "repercussions on the society". You don't really hear prominent religious types lamenting the proliferation of *real* atomic bombs, something that can wipe off humanity in minutes compared to a *hypothetical* "Darwinian society".

I will be more inclined to believe in their humanitarian concerns when they stand up for humans based on something that is *not in* or *against something in* their holy book of choice.


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