Monday, May 11, 2009

Dan Brown needs a tonne of wax!

I read the book "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown, the famed author of "Da Vinci Code". Unlike DVC, DF appears to be poorly researched and leaves the reader flabbergasted by some of the events depicted in the novel. Does Mr. Brown really expect his readers to believe that someone can write a worm that overheats a giant super computer, which then runs on end till all the sillicon it carries explodes, leading to the destruction of the building that houses it ? ....then when all the hackers of the world are at the doorstep of NSA, to lay their hands on US Intelligence secrets, Susan Fletcher- the beautiful and talented NSA cryptologist and her lover saves the country (and what the pass key finally turned out to be had me roll on the floor and laugh)!! That is Bollywood masala. Mr. Brown has the potential to be a great script writer in one of India's *ollywoods.

The story is certainly not without wax ! ;-)



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