Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Visit to the Saratoga Battle Field

This post is long overdue, but better late than never. I and Philip visited the Saratoga Battle field shortly before I moved from New York to South Carolina a few months ago. Not unlike this post, the visit too was long overdue. Saratoga witnessed one of the decisive battles of the American Revolution. Here are a few snaps,

A Cannon atop Bemis Heights

Freeman's Farm

Charging downhill

After walking for a couple of hours ....

I now live in Greenville, South Carolina about 30 mins drive from the Cowpens Battle field. I plan to go there in summer.
Someone once asked me what the fun is in visiting a battle field. Let me answer it this way - It is not about fun, but rather about what that trip makes you do before you go there - like reading about the battle, its context, its aftermath and about letting the mind roam freely while one walks around the park which then travels back in time, tries to get a sense of how that gory day would have been and what could have happened had the result been opposite ..etc etc. It is also about the lung full of fresh air that you get to inhale in those wild empty plains. It certainly has something to do with my fascination for green, vast, open plains - the sight of which I believe has an emollient power.


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