Saturday, June 23, 2007

The "Road To Kozani" - April 13, 1941 ( Wars in Greece )

On April 13th, 1941 the German 9th Panzer division - 33rd Panzer regiment entered Ptolmais. As the Germans began to push out of Ptolmais, they had to move through a hostile territory consisting of Swamps, Anti Tank ditches and rough terrain. While under the constant barrage of Artillery and anti tank fire, the German forces moved slowly through the swamp and were able to flank the Common wealth forces. The Panzers were then engaged by the tanks of the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment and elements of the 19th Australian Infantry brigade.

The Germans were finally successful in inflicting heavy losses on the Common Wealth force and also driving them off the field. The battle was bloody and the Germans lost several lives, tanks and support vehicles.


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