Saturday, June 23, 2007

Game-a-thon @ SWA - 23rd June 2007

I had the chance to watch an amazing WWII game using "Battlefront" rules today. There was a big crowd at the table and hence I couldn't play, nor was I familiar with this rule set. So I spent my time watching the game and trying to learn the rules. Anyway, Steve and Pete have offered me a place on one of the teams in an upcoming game and also at Historicon , where they are planning to conduct a few games.
In the afternoon session, I played Junta and managed to finish second with a decent swiss bank balance. It is a game that takes you through the political and military life in a typical banana republic, where Coups, Intrigues and Assassinations and part of everyday life.


At 3:59 AM, Blogger Manoj Govindan said...

I think you are referring to the very popular 'Flames of War' rules for WWII. Battlefront makes the rules and the (15mm) miniatures to play them with.

As far as I can tell these rules have drawn a lot of newcomers to WWII gaming. At the same time it has also attracted a lot of flak for various reasons.

If you liked these then check out Crossfire when you attend Historicon. I found CF a lot more dynamic than FoW.


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