Monday, October 02, 2006

A typical week end swished past me and before i could even realise, it is the uphill climb - It is monday !! Weather played the spoil sport on saturday and i stayed indoors with my books. Sunday saw me watch two movies - "An Inconvenient Truth" at the Proctors and after reaching home , i watched Kevin Costner's "Dances with the Wolves". Simple story, well told. Inconvenient Truth, on the other hand is a poignant tale of a beautiful planet called Earth being eaten alive by a species called Homo Sapiens. It makes you walk out of the theatre with a heavy heart. But for the positive note on which the movie ends, the heaviness would have lingered on longer. Forget Al Gore, forget global warming, i have myself been witness to the slow and tragic death of a river that flows through my erst while neighbourhood. We used to swim in those waters long ago, now it is nothing but a sewage canal whose stench can be felt several yards away.
I am depressed :-(


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