Sunday, July 23, 2006

Beating India to the Drain !
Recently, I was disheartened to read about the Indian Government's move to introduce reservations in Universities, public and the private sectors. The news left me pondering whether any other nation on Earth would ever perform such a self destructive act. Well, the Economist (July 15th 2006 ) tells that we are not alone in the race to the drain. Brazil, too is coming up with "Quotas". While it is caste based reservation in India, it is going to be based on colour in Brazil.
The government of Brazil is planning to reduce the official race types to five - White, Oriental, Indigenous, Black and Pardo (Brown). Unofficial surveys say that there 136 terms by which Brazilians classify their complexion, from "Snow White" to "Cinnamon".
The Racial Quota Law and the Racial Equality statute would create reservations in Universities, Civil Services and the private sector. An initial quota of 20% (which would in course of time rise to 50%) of senior civil service jobs and vacancies at federal universities are to be set aside for those of "African Ancestry". The Indians too would benefit from these new laws.
Like India, Brazilians too appear divided on this issue. Those in favour of the draft point to the deep racial divide and the poor living conditions of the majority of the negroes and pardos. Those against the law argue that what is required in the place of such a law is a broad system of incentives - study grants and tutorials for the poor which would reach all Brazilians, whatever be their complexion.
So, what is the moral of the story ? I would say that America's greatest export - democracy is not the panacea for all political evils. Infact, democracy brings together demons who become intoxicated with power and leave no stone unturned to divide the masses and stay in power.
Blame the hoi polloi for staying blind and deaf.


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Meritocracy is the only way, like a farmer picking the biggest and most healthy seeds to put back in the ground for next years crop.
I am sad to hear that Brazil has succumbed to this kind of political correctness. Even sadder that my own country also subscribes to it!

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Sarath said...

Well.. the sad part here is that we are already an established democracy with several loop holes. Any constitutional amendment, if ever it should happen has to be initiated by these brainless and venal politicians.This makes meritocracy an impossible dream


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