Friday, September 02, 2005

It is always the first drop that hangs the longest. The inevitable sense of insecurity that dominates the container, the mind, from revealing what it holds. Partly due to fear of derisive laughter, partly due to the silent whispers that constantly remind that what ever is to be said has already been said or is being said by another, partly due to the invisible reins, that disguised as modesty restrain, gag and arrest the thoughts.
Much to say, Much to Express.....will the words fail me? Or will i fail the words. I have seen enough of both. What are thoughts and what are words? Words are nothing but a medium to carry an idea or a thought from one mind to another. At the end of the transfer, the word would have formed the same idea or the thought on the mind of the listener or the reader. The extent to which the idea gets imprinted on the latter's mind is a measure of the potency of the words used. But is there not another factor in this equation? The writer or the speaker...who is the source of the words. The choice of the words would depend on his or her knowledge of the language and the extent to which the thought or the idea has been etched in his/her mind. Some sources are the medium. The words scream the originator's name when they hit the reader or the listener. Reading Basheer's works would give the same feeling where the words would stand up and say that they belong to him alone. Words love certain authors, certain speakers. The gifted are chased by the language. The mediocre chases the language leaving their thoughts stranded. The gifted and the gift merge into one as there is nothing like wet water. The mediocre stands away from his medium, wetting his/her hands only in ablution.
Let the drops fall. Let them flow. Come what may !


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Excellent .I am impressed.


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